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                          Automatic alarm system in the upper applications of intelligent buildings

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                          Mankind has entered the 21st century, with the development of the national economy and enhancement of the comprehensive national strength, greatly improved the quality of people's lives, living conditions and living environment has been improved greatly. With the science and technology, control technology and communication technology rapid development and application of automatic control technology, sensor technology has been widely used in industrial and civil buildings, buildings also have certain intelligence. And network technology as the core of the rapid infiltration of information technology, greatly expand the development space of the buildings, built in the country a batch of another batch of intelligent residential district. According to the needs of the development of the intelligent building country on July 3, 2000 promulgated "intelligent building design standard", automatic fire alarm system as one of the content.
                          As the urban population expansion, the urban land resources, built large comprehensive residential district more high-rise buildings, namely is conjoined with podium, build more high-rise apartments on the podium, podium there are stores and other public buildings. A residential area in the northeast of Beijing wangjing, for example, a total construction area of about more than 70 square meters, building a garage, underground podium with supermarket, shopping, catering, entertainment, such as Banks, upper part is composed of several homes and office buildings. Building the increase of population, coal gas, household electrical appliances and unsafe factors in the use of common electrical equipment and so on, all have the fire hazard, the community residents' lives and property caused great threat. As a result, people are becoming more and more urgently required residential property in facilities and management adopt effective measures, in order to meet the increasing safety requirements.
                          In order to effectively guarantee the people's life and property safety, comprehensive residential and residential district in the introduction of intelligent methods for safety management. Intelligent residential security system is mainly composed of anti-theft system and fire system, automatic fire alarm and linkage control system). Especially the high-rise buildings in case of fire, causing casualties and economic loss is very heavy. So the high-rise building fire protection is all the more important.
                          Usually in order to facilitate management, property management in the buildings fire control center should be built in the center, each layer set fire station in high-rise buildings, the fire inside the village is designed.the automatic fire alarm controller (area under the machine or a machine) and the center of the fire control host (concentrated machine or PC), through the network into a whole, on the whole system should consider adopting distributed control, centralized management, the structure of the work. Through the engineering design, automatic fire alarm system can achieve the following functions:
                          A, building fire alarm system function:
                          According to the fire code, set in the underground garage thermal detector, manual alarm and fire emergency broadcast; On the podium stores, Banks, entertainment place such as smoke detector, manual alarm, and set up the speakers used for background music at ordinary times, fire emergency broadcast. In high-rise residential section, before the elevator room, public corridor and other public places to decorate the smoke detector, manual alarm, emergency broadcast device, alarm flash is set on the door between the stairs (or acousto-optic alarm), in the senior house such as bedroom, study and sitting room place a smoke detector. In all public places with fire hydrant fire hydrant in the emergency pump button.
                          The linkage of the fire automatic alarm system control (control see fire control logic relationship table), the main has the following content:
                          Control system alarm equipment type controlled equipment and equipment action results after position and instructions
                          The water fire fighting system Fire hydrant button Start the fire hydrant pump pump room
                          Alarm valve pressure switch to start the spray pump pump room
                          Water flow indicator (alarm, decide layer) fire water pipe
                          Signal valve (alarm, reminding) water pipe
                          Fire pool water level or water pipe pressure voltage start, stop pump, etc
                          Preaction system in the region detector or manual button Start the pre alarm valve filling water The area (automatic sprinkler)
                          Pressure switch to start the spray pump pump room
                          Feeling of warm water spray system, smoke alarm at the same time or the emergency button Start the deluge valve Start the spray pump (automatic delay 30 seconds) in the region (open nozzle)
                          Air conditioning system, smoke detector or manual button Shut down the air conditioning system, new fan, blower
                          Close the layer of electric fire damper
                          Fire proof valve 70 ℃ temperature close to close the new air conditioner or fan and blower system
                          The smoke control system, smoke detector or manual button Open the exhaust fan and positive pressure blower roofing
                          Open the exhaust port (valve)
                          Open the positive pressure air supply outlet fire layer, the upper layer
                          Dual two-speed fan into high-speed exhaust state)
                          Dual duct outlet GuanZhengChang, smoke all mouth
                          Exhaust fan beside the fire valve 280 ℃ temperature control off the smoke exhaust fan roof
                          Combustible gas alarm Open the exhaust fan room, shut off the gas valve, gas meter room, kitchen underground gas boiler room, etc
                          Fire shutter Beside the fire shutter smoke detector The shutter shade or the group by half
                          Beside the fire shutter temperature detector The shutter shade or the group belongs to the bottom
                          Water curtain shade protection, start the curtain solenoid valve and the rain water pump
                          Electronically controlled normally open fire door smoke or warm feeling Release the electromagnet, close the fire door
                          Electronic smoke hanging wall side smoke or feeling Release the electromagnet, the smoke hanging wall or the group of smoke hanging wall prolapse
                          Manual system manual/automatic, manual Cut off the fire the fire power on fire layer, the upper layer
                          Manual/automatic and manual Start a fire alarm or acousto-optic alarm device is on fire layer, the upper layer
                          Manual/automatic and manual Turn the elevator to the first, fire elevator used in fire
                          Manual for the regional emergency broadcast on fire layer, the upper layer
                          Fire telephone Alarm, liaison, command fire at any time
                          1. Water fire extinguishing system:
                          Fire hydrant button action, the system can be automatic/manual, stop the fire hydrant pump, and monitoring the running state. Water spray pressure switch on the main action, the system can automatically start the spray pump, and monitoring the running state.
                          In underground gas boiler room set water spray fire extinguishing system, water nozzle adopt open nozzle, a room with several groups of smoke, heat detector. When the smoke and heat detector alarm at the same time, the system can be automatic, manual operation and emergency three ways, open the rain solenoid valve. Pressure switch action after system start the spray pump, and monitoring the running state.
                          Set water spray preaction system in underground garage, water nozzle USES the automatic sprinkler, water pipe is filled with air, when thermal detector alarm system, automatic/manual open, electromagnetic valve, water filling of the water pipe. When the nozzle broken pipe deflated, main pressure switch action, signal returned fire is designed.the automatic/manual start the spray pump, and monitoring the running state.
                          2. The smoke control system:
                          When the system confirmed after fire, immediately opened fire on, and the lower layer of positive pressure air supply valve (mouth), at the same time corresponding pressure fan automatically open top, the former room stairs passage for positive pressure, prevent gas invasion, ensure the safety of personnel evacuation escape environment. In the corridor of each layer, the basement and windowless room is equipped with normally closed fire smoke exhaust valve (mouth), fire disaster, can be manually or automatically open the fire area of fire smoke exhaust valve (mouth), linkage corresponding exhaust fan to start at the same time, when the top smoke exhaust fan in front of the fire smoke exhaust temperature reaches 280 ℃, the valve closed, exhaust fan also close linkage.
                          3. The fire broadcasting system:
                          When the system confirmed that after the fire, the system can automatically cut off the background music radio, or in fire is designed.the control on manual control, turn on the fire on, and the lower layer of the speaker for emergency broadcast, guidance in the building evacuation.
                          4. The elevator landing system:
                          After confirmed that there is a fire, the system immediately all the elevator to the first floor landing, and automatically cut off the power of the passenger, cargo elevator, retain only fire elevator for the firefighters.
                          5. Shutter control:
                          When a fire escape on the doors on both sides of the smoke detector alarm, system control shutter down to about 1.8 m off the ground, smoke and evacuation. When the heat detector alarm on both sides of the rolling door, then the system control shutter fell to the ground, to complete the fire area space. Doors on both sides with shutter control elevator buttons, and keep delay (1-30 seconds adjustable) after the function of automatic shutter down.
                          6. Other linkage control:
                          After confirm that there is a fire, the system will automatic/manual will be on fire on the layer and its, the lower alarm flash or sound and light alarm, to remind the staff inside the building evacuation in time, and the fire is designed.the manually cut the fire on, and the lower layer of the fire power.
                          Second, the area function of fire alarm system network
                          Village fire alarm system network, the purpose of management information and control information integration is to make a fire alarm system to adapt to this village decentralized control, centralized management of demand. Fire control center is equipped with a large community fire simulation, according to the building of the alarm detector, the running status of fire control facilities, and perform alarm control work.
                          Fire alarm network system, used in the building fire station set up substation (fire alarm controller), can be considered as network area machine (a machine), besides receiving the fire alarm controller building fire alarm signal, manual/automatic output control program, starting the linkage of fire control facilities, but also the networking performance superior, even with the central station (machine or PC), also can finish all the work independently, because all the building's fire alarm controller adopts the advanced multiple CPU microcomputer processor technology, based on the characteristics of each building itself, formed their own alarm and control subsystem.
                          Fire control center, the central station is located in the village can display all fire detector, spreading device of the system and the working state of each substation.
                          The central station main functions are as follows:
                          A. can access each substation monitoring points in the system;
                          B. can complete alarm and alarm processing;
                          C. can monitor online all the equipment running status;
                          D. The terms of the process, complete linkage control;
                          E. The date and time automatically transform;
                          F. alarm event analysis and processing records;
                          G. documents and reports;
                          H. fire building graphics operation;
                          I. also has the function of security guards patrolling.
                          Central station equipped with various RACES voice/data/network communication interface, network topology structure can be adopted star type (or ring network), the central station and substation has two telecommunication lines, one is data communications lines; A voice communication lines.
                          To sum up, along with the modern control technology, computer and network technology rapid development, people's living conditions improve, many weak current system in intelligent residential area, the automatic fire alarm system is indispensable, intelligent fire alarm system in the application of community is becoming more common, so as to further perfect intelligent village weak current system integration and resource used by more fully, more complete function, security system more efficient, so as to realize the intelligent village on real.

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