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                          Yantai fishermen wear new jackets

                          點擊次數:  信息來源:  發布時間:2021-08-12 05:26:18  【打印此頁】  【關閉
                          "Free life jacket, new, two-piece..." The news in the muping yangma islet spread. Yesterday morning at half past nine, "Marine new life jackets to issue ceremony officially began, more than 200 fishermen show me verify the signature on the island, got the summer and winter two season's new jackets. This ceremony is just the beginning of issuing new jackets activities, our city nearly 13000 fishermen from today will arrive summer, winter two season's new jackets.
                          "A new jacket, safe and warm this winter fishing!"
                          "Go out fishing, this winter is much warmer than normal." Muping yangma islet zhongyuan village fishermen QuDongLiang said. Say that finish, QuDongLiang went aside trying on clothes. According to the scene of the staff of the muping Marine and fisheries, this issue is a warm, waterproof, rescue three big functions of new jacket, every have summer and winter in two, thinner lighter, without interfering with fishermen in the ship operation.
                          Wear good winter QuDongLiang very excited. "Wear old jacket homework on fishing vessels, often call a wave, wet all over again." QuDongLiang said the new life jacket is very warm, wearing light, comfortable work is also very spirit; But also have waterproof function, now again big wave will not be afraid.
                          To let fishermen wear lighter warm jackets, muping district finance took out 360000 yuan, with 20% of the province fishery mutual insurance association subsidies, purchasing a total of 2964 sets of jackets, will be in place within this month all free.
                          Some free, some take a few money
                          Because of long dealing with fishermen, commissioner of yantai fishing harbour superintendency xin-li zhang know about old jacket is: "the traditional life jacket is vest, before and after floating foam, dressed in the well operation is inconvenient, and hot in summer, winter heat preservation effect is bad, basic don't wear fisherman out homework." Xin-li zhang said, for this, this year the city finance specially arranged special funds, apply for new life jackets to give money for fishermen.
                          According to regulations, the benefits for city finance investment 20%, province fishery mutual insurance association to give financial support, 20% muping zhifu, laishan district, zhaoyuan, changdao county, giving not less than 20% of the subsidies.
                          Across the proportion is different, so not all fishermen can get free, but the total subsidy rate averaged 73.6%. That is to say, such as life jackets value 100 yuan, fishermen and only pay 20-30 yuan.
                          The issuance of new jacket, since 26 in muping, changdao county, laizhou city, zhifu district, laishan district, zhaoyuan city and development zone.
                          A set of two parts, the city will receive nearly 13000 sets
                          It is understood that the city has more than 12700 fishermen will get new life jackets, winter and summer wear each one.
                          To ensure the safety of fishing operations, is the main reason for the distribution of the new life jackets. In recent years, the city has invested more than 500 ten thousand yuan of funds, to the city's adaptation fishing boat equipped with safety relief information systems onboard equipment and life saving equipment allowance, and fishermen to attend insurance of fisheries subsidies, preliminary realizes the "grid" of safety management of fisheries and dynamic regulation of "information technology".
                          Keep up with the "fishing equipment, fishermen's closest life jacket also need 's'." Xin-li zhang said the new jackets not only strengthened the protection of the fishermen, and looked so beautiful, fashion, similar to the winter wear cotton-padded jacket, fishermen's acceptance is higher, more willing to wear.
                          "After the equipment modernization, is to let fishermen 'safety concept." Xin-li zhang said that in the future a series of preaching, fishery safety will begin in fishermen, let fishermen "get money already, also ensures the security".

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